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What is the origin of chocolate?

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In 1519, an expedition led by the famous Spanish explorer Cortes entered the heart of Mexico. After a hard journey, the team has gone through untold hardships and reached a plateau. The team members were so tired and sore and exhausted that they lay on the floor one after another and did not want to move. Cortes is in a hurry. The road ahead is still long. The players are all tired. How can this be done?
At this moment, a team of Indians came from under the foot of the mountain. The friendly Indians met with Cortez. They were listless and immediately opened their bags. They took some cocoa beans from them and crushed them into a powder. Then they added water to the boil. Then they put sap and pepper in the boiling cocoa water. . Suddenly, a strong aroma spread in the air.
The Indians gave Cortez their black water. Cortez took a sip, "Oh, it's bitter and hot, it's hard to drink!" However, considering respecting the etiquette of the Indians, Cortez and the players still reluctantly drank two.
One day, Riccos burst into the whim of boiling a drink: It was too much trouble to brewing this drink every time! If you can make it into a solid food, take a small piece when you eat it, eat it with water, or eat it directly into your mouth. How wonderful it would be!
As a result, Racco began repeated trials. In the end, he used the methods of concentration and drying to successfully produce a solid cocoa beverage. Since Cocoa Drink came from Mexico, in Mexico's Turkish dialect it was called "Crattolu", so Rasco called his solid cocoa drink "Chocolate Special."
Invented chocolate specials, the first generation of chocolate.
Spaniards are very secretive. They strictly keep the recipe for cocoa beverages, and are also tight-lipped on chocolate formulas. It was not until 1763, 200 years later, that a British businessman succeeded in obtaining the formula and introduced chocolate to Britain. The British manufacturer added milk and cheese to the raw materials according to the tastes of the people of the country. Thus, "cream chocolate" was born.
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