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Five health effects of chocolate

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The five health benefits of chocolate
1. Increase vitality
The taste, odor, and taste of chocolate can stimulate the parts of the brain that produce pleasure. In addition, chocolate contains amino acids, tryptophan and other substances, is the synthesis of brain natural anti-depressant serotonin necessary raw materials. Experts also found that the pleasure of eating chocolate is very similar to the feeling of falling into love.
2. Maintain heart health
Eating chocolate can lower blood pressure, clear blood, effectively reduce the risk of stroke, and also have anti-inflammatory effects. The reason why chocolate can produce these effects is due to one of the chemicals called flavonoids. Experts pointed out that "flavonoids can increase the carbon monoxide content in the body, which can effectively relieve the expansion of blood vessels and play a role in lowering blood pressure."
3. Protecting the artery
Because flavonoids have the effect of slowing the oxidation of low-density cholesterol (a bad cholesterol), it can effectively prevent arterial blockage.
4. Antitussive effect
Studies have shown that chocolate contains a chemical known as theobromine, which acts on the central nervous system and transmits information to the brain, thus acting as a cough suppressant.
5. Protect the brain
Cocoa and green tea contain a chemical called epicatechin that reduces the incidence of amyloid angiopathy caused by viscous β-amyloid and reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer's disease induced by the disease. Protect the role of the brain.
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